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Nursery Wallpaper

Find the perfect wallpaper for your child’s nursery today! We have thousands of cute nursery appropriate patterns to choose from. Select your pattern, customize the size, colors and the pattern scale. All wallpaper is custom printed based on your selections using VOC free printing processes for your child’s safety.

Striped Patterns

  • Easy Installation

    Step-by-step instructions that make DIY installation a breeze.

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    All orders print and ship within 3 days after being placed.

  • Customized Patterns

    Select a pattern, then change scale and colors instantly.

Alphabet Wallpaper

Zoo & Jungle Animal Wallpaper

Clouds Wallpaper

See all our cloud patterns!

Elephant Wallpaper

See all our elephant patterns!

Farm Animal Wallpaper

See all our farm animal patterns!

Balloon Wallpaper

Nautical Wallpaper

See all our nautical patterns!

Owl Wallpaper

See all our owl patterns!

Penguin Wallpaper

See all our penguin patterns!

Polka Dots Wallpaper

See all our polka dot patterns!

Teddy Bear Wallpaper

See all our cute teddy bear patterns!