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Totally Custom Wallpaper

We’re proud to offer over 15,000 fully customizable patterns and thousands of beautiful photo murals that can be customized to fit your space! But, we realize that you may have a vision for your space that cannot be realized without additional customization work. We’re happy to tackle those projects as well! We’re fully committed to providing you with custom wallpaper of all types. If you have a vision, we’ll help you bring it to reality.

Get us the details, we’ll make it happen.

Complete the form to right and we’ll be in touch soon. Please give as many details as possible and we’ll do our research before getting in touch with you. Dimensions are super helpful, pleas provide approximate dimensions even if you don’t know them exactly.

If you’d rather talk now, give us a call or reach out by email!

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Your Design

There are many reasons why you might want us to create wallpaper using your design. Here are a few:

  • You’re a classic artist who wants wallpaper created from physical art.
  • You’re a graphic designer who wants to create your own pattern or illustrated mural.
  • You want to create your own line of wallpaper to sell in your retail store or on your decor website.

Get in touch with us. We’ll share the art requirements and help make it happen.

Your Digital Photo

Our photo mural galleries are a product of our amazing photography partners. They provide the highest quality photos, allowing us to print them clearly at full wall sizes. If you’re a photographer who’s looking to convert your photo into a wall size photo mural, we’re the partner to talk to. We can fill you in on our requirements and work with you to get the quality required.

Your Physical Photo

You have a photo, we have advanced scanning equipment!

You can send us your physical photo and we can use our equipment to create a high quality digital photo file that’s suitable for printing at full wall mural size. Not all photos can be scaled up to all wall sizes, but we’ll be able to help you understand the final print quality before printing your photo. Please contact us for more next steps.

Wallpaper Design Recreation

This is a frequent request.

Whether you want a classic wallpaper design that’s no longer available, you have a wallpaper sample you cannot find where to purchase or have a pattern on fabric you’d like turned into wallpaper, our designers can use your physical sample or design a new one from scratch using your design as inspiration. Let us know what you have in mind. We’re happy to help!

Classic Art Murals

Looking for Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night printed on your wall in high quality? We have the expertise, resources and partners to print thousands of classic art pieces at wall size, in high quality. Give us a call.

Color Matching

Color is the most important. If you have an adjacent wall with a specific color you want to coordinate with your wallpapered accent wall, we can color match it. Give us a paint brand/color name, a Pantone color or send us a fabric sample and we’ll match your color to your satisfaction.