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How should I measure my walls?

When measuring your wall, carefully measure both height and width, rounding up to the nearest half inch. Use these exact measurements when placing your order — we’ll automatically add on a little extra material around all four sides (called a “bleed”) for the perfect fit.

Most walls — even new builds — are not perfectly plumb. Measure along various points of your wall and use the largest measurement for both height and width when placing your order to avoid gaps along the ceiling or adjoining walls.

Product Info

What type of material should I select for my project?

We offer 2 unique wallcovering materials. As all installations and projects are unique, please check out the table below for specific attributes of each material. Not sure which will work best for your project? Give us a shout, we’re happy to help you decide!

  FlashStik™ Decal LuxTouch™ Pre-Pasted Unpasted Commercial Wallpaper
Material Smooth Decal Smooth vinyl Textured Wallpaper
Panel size 36" 36" 36"
Finish Smooth Smooth Textured
Ease of install Medium Easy Medium
Adhesive required? No No Yes
High-moisture locations? Not recommended Not recommended Ok
Installed on textured walls? Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended
Easy to remove Yes Yes No
What if my wall is not a smooth surface?

We advise against installing wallpaper on textured surfaces like stucco, brick, or walls with heavily-textured finishes. LuxTouch™ Pre-Pasted and Unpasted Commercial materials should always be installed over clean, smooth walls, preferably painted with a flat, satin, or gloss painted finish.

Can I hang the wallpaper myself?

Yes! All of our wallpaper options are DIY-friendly. The multi-panel print keeps material from being unwieldy, while the built-in bleeds on all sides allow for some wiggle room during installation. View our installation instructions for detailed information. Still biting your nails about the process? Visit the Wallcovering Installers Association website to search for professional installers in your area.

How do I clean my wallpaper?

Use a thoroughly wrung-out sponge or damp cloth and a mild soap. It is recommended to use as little moisture and pressure as possible. Rinse by blotting with a slightly damp, clean sponge over the area you just washed. For the best results, we recommend turning up your radiators or turning on fans to help speed up the drying process.

I’d like to order a border, not full-length wallpaper, how do I do this?

Start by deciding on the height of your border. Typical borders are usually 6 – 10” high. Then use the total length of your walls for the width. Note that while store-bought borders come in long lengths (e.g., 15 feet), our borders will have seams every 36” just as our standard wallpapers do.

I’m renovating a space, at what point should I install wallpaper?

On renovation work a premium acrylic primer is recommended prior to installing wallcovering over porous surfaces such as old adhesive residue or flat interior paint. This will insure proper adhesion. Finishings like trim and cabinetry should be installed afterward if possible.

What are some creative ways of using wallpaper?

Don’t feel like you need to be limited to four walls. Use a landscape photo to create a full-wall mural in your office, bedroom or den. Our creative customers have done some really awesome things with our wallpapers — especially the Decals! Try skinning windows, doors, and ceilings — even appliances!

Accessing Your Account

How do I create an account?

We make registering for an account easy! To register, simply click on the “Login/Register” link located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the “My Account” screen. Next, carefully enter your desired email address and password in the register section of the page. Once you’ve entered your information, click the “Register” button. That’s it, your new account has been created. Once registered, you can set-up your shipping address, billing address, and (or) edit your password and account details.

I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

If you’ve forgotten your password, submit your email address to the Lost Password page, and we will email you a new temporary password. Once you receive your temporary password, you can log in to your account and change your password to something more memorable.

Checking Your Order Status

How do I place an order?

Once you find a product that you would like to purchase, select the desired product option from the drop down box located to the right of the product image. Next, click the “add to cart” button. If you would like to purchase a quantity greater than one, simply input the quantity in the box to the left of the “add to cart” button.

At this point, you can immediately purchase your product by clicking the “cart” link located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then click “proceed to checkout” and follow the instructions in our self-checkout system. If you have any difficulty, please contact us or call us at 866.230.0184 and we will help you get the product you need.

How do I cancel an item in my order?

Prior to completing your transaction, you may remove an item in your cart by clicking on the “cart” link located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then click on the black “x” located to the left of the product image.

If you wish to cancel a transaction that’s already been completed, please contact customer support at 866.230.0184, or send an email to, and we can help.

My order never arrived, what now?

Argh! We’re very sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order!

Delivery times can vary based upon the type of products you ordered, the order quantity, your location, and the shipping method you choose at checkout. It’s possible that your order may still be in transit, or that there was a problem processing the transaction. You can check on your order status by accessing your account via the “My Account” or “Login/Register” link located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You may also wish to track your order using the tracking number provided when the order was shipped.

All that said, we’re here for you and want to provide the best experience possible. If you have any questions, please contact us via telephone at 866.230.0184, or send an email to, and we can help.

Shipping Information

How many panels should I expect in my order?

Wallpaper rolls loaded into our large printers are only so big, so if you have a large wall to cover then your wallpaper will need to be paneled.

To determine the number of panels in your order, simply divide the height of your horizontal wall (or width of your oblong vertical wall) by 47” for Commercial Decal and LuxTouch Prepasted wallpaper, or 54″ for Unpasted Commercial and Flashstick Decal Wallpaper. Round the number up to the nearest whole number, and you’ll have the amount of panels to expect!

What is your turnaround time?

Here at, we guarantee your order will be shipped within 3 business days of your order — or your order’s on us! Actual transit time will vary based upon your chosen shipping options and physical location. We offer complete FedEx services from Ground to Next Day Air — we also offer a local pick-up option if you happen to be in the Grand Traverse area in Michigan.

All products ship from our headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.

Is there any way to put a rush on my order?

We try our best to accommodate the needs of our customers. If you need a rush order, something custom, or have other unique situations that require special attention, please call us at 866.230.0184, send an email to, or contact us prior to ordering so we can assist you.

An item is missing from my shipment, what now?

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that your order was incomplete. Please contact us via telephone at 866.230.0184, or send an email to, and we’ll help make things right.

Can you ship to my P.O. box?

At this time, we do not ship to P.O. boxes. All orders must be shipped to physical street addresses.

Payments & Returns

What’s your refund policy? What about that awesome guarantee?

We stand behind our products and pride ourselves on getting things done right. But hey, we’re human and stuff happens — but when we make mistakes we fix them. That’s why we offer an industry-unique 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

If you’re not happy with your order, contact us within 3 days of receiving your order (and prior to installation). We’ll either organize a replacement, provide you with store credit, or refund your order (sans shipping).

*Some exclusions apply, i.e. damaged boxes. Contact us for full terms.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB credit cards through our online checkout.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Only if you live in the great Mitten State (i.e., we currently charge state taxes for Michigan residents).

I have a question about my charges, who do I contact?

If you have questions regarding credit card charges or an error that requires special attention, please call us at 866.230.0184, send an email to, or contact us prior to ordering so we can assist you.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged once your order is placed and you will receive an email notification when your order has been shipped.