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  • Commercial Decal All the benefits of traditional wallpaper, no paste required. It's a washable, medium textured, long-lasting, semi-permanent wall covering that's perfect for the DIY installer. The adhesive backing is pressure sensitive and allows for adjustments during the installation process.
  • FlashStik™ Decal Renters and fickle minds rejoice! Our FlashStik™ Decal has a sticky backing that is cleaner than standard wallpaper adhesive — think tape, not glue. This makes for very clean removal, with virtually no residue — great when frequent switch-outs are desired. Because of this adhesive, this product shines best on uniform walls and surfaces.
  • LuxTouch™ Pre-Pasted This wallpaper option is — you guessed it! — pre-pasted. That means only water is necessary to activate the glue, making for convenient application and clean removal. With a smooth, semi-matte finish, this is a simple-to-clean, long-lasting option that installs easily.
  • Unpasted Commercial This product requires wallpaper adhesive for installation (purchase at your local hardware store). As such, this is a washable, very durable option for those seeking a long-lasting, permanent wall covering. Because of its staying power, this product is a great fit for less-than-perfect or slightly-textured walls, and for high-moisture environment installs.

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